What Makes Asian Girls So Popular Among Foreigners?

Why Are Asian Women So Desirable To Western Guys?

Thousands of men from western countries date and marry foreign women every year. A huge number of these men date Asian brides — you've probably heard such stories before. But what is the reason for it? Are Asian women really so good?

In short words: yes, they are. They are perfect partners, they are sexy, smart and their respect for family values makes them really irresistible. Want to know more?

Asian women: everything about them

At first, let’s make it clear: Asian women are not all the same. There are three parts of Asia when it comes to geography — East Asia (China, Korea, Japan), South Asia (Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka), and Southeast Asia (Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, the Philippines, Malaysia). It's quite simple to distinguish them one from another — Southeast Asians are mixed up, they have both Asian and Turk/Indian genes. They have straight black hair, dark eyes, and narrow shoulders. East Asian women have pale skin, beautiful skinny bodies and dark hair (well, the majority of them).

So, they are really different, as you can see. The only thing they all have in common is that they all are awesome. Let’s see, why.

Why are Asian women so popular?

Well, there are 5 main reasons for their popularity. It’s not the exhaustive list of reasons, of course. The thing is, if we wanted to list all the reasons, we'd never get to the end!

Their fantastic beauty.

        As we’ve just said, the Asian women have mixed genes of Asian, Indian, East Eurasian, and Turk peoples. Mixed-race people are often considered the most attractive people, and even if you don't believe this statement, you just can't deny that it's true when it comes to Asian women. Their faces, bodies, their hair — everything is just perfect about them.

They are family-oriented.

        For Asian brides, the family is the most important thing in the world. If you want to have long-term relationship that will end up in marriage, you just can't ignore Asian brides. They are perfect long-term partners, that’s what you have to know.

They are intelligent.

        You've most likely heard that stereotype about smart Asians. The good news here is that it's not a false stereotype. Asian brides are smart and well-educated, they always study and they are what we call "fast-learners" in our CVs.

They look younger than they really are.

        Do you want your woman to look like a student in her 30s and even 40s? Well, then the choice is clear for you. Asian brides do everything possible to look great, and they are definitely successful in doing it.

They are still feminine.

      Yes, the countries like Japan and the Republic of Korea were influenced by feminism, but it hasn't yet become there what it became in the USA. Unlike their western counterparts, Asian women are ready to be mothers and homemakers, and that's great for every man who wants to create a family.

3 must-know facts about Asian girls

What else should you know before Mail Order Bride an Asian bride? Here you’ll find 3 useful facts that will help you understand these mysterious women.

Asian women don't need one-night stands.The absolute majority of them are looking for serious and long-term relationships, and they all take Mail Order Bride seriously.

Unexpected fact: Asian women are perfectionists.We don't know why, but that's a fact: lots of Asian brides want to become perfect at everything they do. That's great because this feature makes these women become better every single day.

They are not shy.It’s a common myth about Asian brides, but that’s not true. These women are ambitious, they know how to achieve their goals and they definitely can’t be called shy or passive. But of course, family values are still more important for them than their ambitions.

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