Russian Mail-Order Brides

Russian women are considered to be beautiful and passionate. A lot of men dream about having a date or wife from mysterious and distant Russia.

There are many things in Russian beauties that attract men from all over the world. For some people it’s the stunning appearance and excellent skills of keeping one’s home cozy. Other people enjoy Russian culture and the way Russian ladies are brought up. Still, millions of men want to find a Russian wife.

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What makes Russian ladies so desirable?

A lot of men believe that single Slavic girls make the best wives and mothers. Slavic beauty has charmed so many men around the world – a major reason for any foreigner. There are many reasons why Russian dates are so gorgeous. The most believable and historically accurate is the fact that throughout history, Russian people were mixed up with different nationalities. Combination of different genes from a huge number of ethnicities and nationalities resulted in such diverse but unique phenomenon of beautiful Russian women.

It is a part of Russian culture to look good and tidy. They tend to keep themselves fit and healthy. Also, ladies from Russia value intellectual development. Inner beauty plays an essential role in Russian culture. So you will not get bored with your Russian date.

Why men from all over the world love Russian brides

Russian girls are known to have essential character traits that make them not only perfect wives but also excellent mothers. Combination of care, love, wisdom, and strictness and justice is what a child needs. The family is paramount for Russian mail order brides. They cherish moments spent with the closest people in their lives.

Young Russian girls may look naïve, but they are mature and wise. They respect equal rights and obligations. A Russian wife must take part in making important decisions. She would feel abandoned if her husband decides to exclude her.

Hobbies and interests of Russian women

There are many things that Russian mail order brides can do. First of all, they are great with handicraft – sewing, cross-stitching, knitting, drawing, and many other hobbies. Moreover, women from Russia love reading. You can have wonderful discussions of your favorite books or authors.

Turning food into art

Yet, the most famous and desirable feature of Russian dates is the ability to cook. Russian cuisine is something that any men should taste. It is a tradition to have recipe books that have been passed from grandmothers with secret ingredients and tips on how to turn simple food into masterpieces. Having a Russian bride would make you forget about restaurants, cafes, and food outside of our house!

Russian women as guardians of the hearth

Russian mail order brides know how to keep the house clean and tidy. You would never see dirty dishes or unmade beds. Russian brides enjoy turning a house into a warm a loving place. It helps their husbands to see how much they are loved.

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What are Russian mail-order brides like in a marriage?

To answer such question, let’s listen to a person who has been married to a Russian girl for seven years. Meet Jamie from Saint Paul, Minnesota:

“There are many differences between Russian and American women. American women enjoy the fact that they have equal powers in the family. A lot of women pursue their careers, and even girls that have children and a husband tend to choose work over family. This is not how I remember my family, where my mother was a housewife. And she was a great housewife!”

“I wanted to find a woman that would stay at home, spend all her spare time with children, and wait for me coming from work. I needed it. Unfortunately, I could not find a perfect woman here. But I was lucky enough to find Irina – my wife from Russia.”

“She has come from a country in which male figure in the house is the main breadwinner. He is the head of the family. So she is used to listening to a man in the family. I need to say that we make important decisions together. But still, it is an incredible feeling to see that your wife completely depends on you. Such devotion motivates me to become a better man.

What makes Russian wives become mail-order brides?

A lot of women want to become mail-order brides for several reasons. One of the most common ones is to have a better life. Living abroad, in a country with a better economy is a tempting factor to look for a foreign husband.

Furthermore, economic and social situation in Russia may also motivate women to find their love abroad. Widespread level of alcoholism, lower life duration, and generally poorer male population make Russian girls escape the country. They look for a man who will be attentive, loving, and respectful.

What does a Russian date expect to see in her husband?

A husband of a Russian woman should possess several characteristics. First of all, he should be confident and decisive. He is the head of the family – he is responsible for every single action and decision made. A Russian bride must feel protected, provided, and taken care of.

A husband of a Russian lady should be well-educated, gallant, and romantic. Such a man should know how to treat his wife as a true lady. Compliments and gestures of love are welcomed and appreciated.

What to do on a first date with a Russian bride?

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